Dizz kidz was started at the university of Worcester by Cathy Parvin, originally as a trampolining group, running on Sunday and Thursdays. The local group raised money to buy a trampoline through fund raising and grants, the university kindly store the trampoline and offer us free use of the hall in exchange for use of the equipment. Powick school also bought a trampoline at the same time and run before our group. The Sunday group folded very soon after. The Thursday evening group remains.

It was named Dizz Kidz by a competition run by Cathy at the parents support group, so was named by the children.

The Thursday group have been running since 2003 as a multi sports club, with basketball offered by the Worcester wolves coaching team and a third activity, which originally started as a warm up routine, but has evolved over the years from exercises, to give a variety of coaches coming in eg golf and cricket. As well as students organising games and activities based on there course work with dyspraxic children and the invaluable help of parents especially Mark Bowkett, in organising a varied program.

We also have access to glide bikes and all the equipment at the university to make an eclectic mix of activities for the children to participate in.

The Children especially taking part in wheelchair basketball offered by the wolves team. Great fun!

Over the years we have had some excellent coaches bring there enthusiasm to a great bunch of kids who enjoy coming to sports club that is aimed at providing fun and exercise without the pressure of competition, giving them the chance to participate and enjoy sport at there own level, so the children don’t feel they are failing to achieve and become dishearten by there disability.

The club would not have been possible if not for the University of Worcester offering us there facilities, but we also work in partnership by offering placement for there students on there disability module at the university, making new sports coaches and teachers of the future aware of dyspraxia/DCD.

We are also proud to have the claim to be the university’s first disability sports club, and thisĀ  hasĀ  developed in to an area of speciality for the university.

A group for children with dyspraxia/DCD